About Us

At Body Unlimited Fitness we are committed to optimizing your health and realizing your potential. Every day we are bombarded by new exercise programs to follow, new super-foods to eat, and new supplements to take, which all claim to give you results fast. How do you separate the fads from the real deal? The Body Unlimited Fitness team will do that for you, customizing each and every step along the way, creating your personal roadmap to success!


The owner, Natalie Joseph, grew up with parents and family members who suffered from various diseases. As a child, she was involved in sports and later on became heavily involved in resistance training. Natalie grew to understand and study the delicate relationship between body and mental health. For the last 10 years she has been building a community that understands and cherishes health and prosperity, now bringing you Body Unlimited Fitness.

The BUF training team consists of handpicked elite trainers who have gone through meticulous screening protocols and rigorous education in order to be here.Most importantly, each BUF trainer possesses the experience and the heart to truly be able to fulfill our mission. We like to think that the team is exemplary of human-kindness, people who we can love and respect and who are transparent with utmost integrity.

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Personal training

Realizing each person is an individual regardless whatever your fitness and health goals are, Body Unlimited Fitness will develop a comprehensive program customized to your needs. We offer personal fitness training specializing in: weight-loss, toning, body shaping, core/stability, bodybuilding, and kids fitness!!!

Body Unlimited Fitness also work with individuals who suffer from joint pain, low back pain, low cardiovascular endurance, and posture correction. We are also able to work with your doctor if there is a need to ensure proper training and support on your progress throughout all phases.

Small Classes

Our classes are always semi-private because we believe that each person in the class deserves enough attention to ensure progress and safety. You or your child will not get lost or ignored in our classes! We want to inspire the fun in learning and bonding with a small group who are all working towards similar goals. Come join a class to try it out!

Nutrition Plans

To support your fitness program, we offer nutrition counseling and planning. It can be difficult to figure out what kind of “diet” is right for you with the media flooding the airwaves and online with fad meal programs! Body Unlimited Fitness can spell out exactly what certain foods do “for” you and do “to” you so you can be sure the fuel you take in supports your goals.

Body Unlimited Fitness‘s nutrion experts will help you feel energized, satisfied, and support your fitness program. Working with a professional to organize your eating habits does not mean that you will be walking around with broccoli crowns in your hand all day, either (but you certainly can if you want to). The key is use the foods you enjoy at the right times and in the right amounts! We can show you how!

Vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and meat-eaters are all welcome! BUF is also partnered with a meal prep and delivery service. So, in regards to your total and complete health makeovers, we got you covered.