Our Team of Personal Fitness Trainers

Our team of personal fitness trainers include some of the most accomplished trainers in Southern California. Never before has a fitness and health business operated like this! As our client, you will work with one of our trainers to keep your training consistent; however, you will continually receive the support and expertise of the entire team. That is several lifetimes worth of fitness and health information that will rdiock your world.

The owner of BUF, Natalie has over 10 years experience in personal fitness, nutrition, and mind-body wellness. Natalie has developed an instinctual awaress of the connection between body health, exercise, supplementation, and mental well-being and, today, she continues that research, incorporating updates from those areas in the programs she develops for clients. Through this balance of science and spirit, Natalie will help guide you to where you want to be.
A multi sport Athlete (Martial Arts, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Track & Field, Cycling and Swimming), Chris Riordan has over twenty years of experience in fitness training. He focuses on building a strong core and regenerating cellular tissue through proper breathing. This not only feeds the heart while keeping it at a fat burning rate, but also builds muscular strength, increases power, endurance, and elasticity. In other words, he wants you to still have all your cartilage and be able to touch your toes when you are 90 years old. Chris specializes in event preparation (Marathon, Triathlon), weight loss, prenatal and postnatal training, injury therapy and other special circumstances.
Seth has been involved in sports and fitness for most of his life. He has not only a natural gift for understanding body mechanics, but also is a certified physical therapy assistant. Seth wants you to get the physical training you need, so you can have the freedom of mobility and, thus, the freedom to mold your body to your liking. He believes that you can be strong and healthy well into your 90’s and it’s never too late to start working on your health and fitness. He will make it seem easy to have patience for yourself to work on your body, step-by-step, so that those goals become something you can maintain and enjoy for the rest of your life.
Alexis Mallery
After spending 12 years studying Russian Ballet, Alexis wanted to dedicated her life not only to physical health/discipline, but to mental health as well. After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology and working as a behavioral therapist, she discovered mental and physical health could be combined in the fitness industry. She become NASM certified and never looked back! One of the biggest joys of her life is helping individuals obtain their best body and mind possible.
Dimitris Lekkos
Dimitris Lekkos was born and raised in a small village in Greece. At a young age Dimitris quickly developed a passion for fitness. He didn’t have access to modern day gym equipment, so he developed creative ways of staying fit. He went back to the basics of his ancestors and learned how the first Olympians trained. He developed very effective programs using his unique base of knowledge and began to share with as many people as possible. In Greece, all young men are required to join the army. He became a part of the highly respected Presidential Guards, where he was quickly noticed for his ability to train and teach others. He soon became a top trainer with this elite group. After Dimitris served his Country, he then began to travel around Europe, sharing his deep love for fitness and health. Dimitris’ goal is to help as many people as possible.

Affiliate Trainers

Julian has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the past 5 years. With a decorated sports backround, Julian brings the competitve edge to every session specializing in sports specific training. His fitness philosophy can be summarized in one question; why just live when we can thrive? With experience working with the youth who are learning to exercise for the first time to senior clients looking to maintain or begin a health program, Julian can train any body who is ready for change!
Laila Lia
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