Dead lift

As individuals, we define and view ourselves differently and it varies over time. Thus, something that once was important might no longer be important to us today or vice versa. If our lives are not syncing up with our needs or our desires presently, how do we even begin to resolve that? 

We lead our lives year after year and slowly our perspectives change and our feelings change and our environment changes too, but what we do every day or how we do it may not necessarily change. That is a recipe for discomfort, anxiety and even depression. For some of us, this idea has not even crossed our minds. Meaning, aligning our lives to stay in tune with our needs and desires either doesn’t seem possible, therefore, why even bother, or it seems too complicated to even consider.  So, we may decide to accept things as they are and continue making the same decisions. Or, for the rest of us, it’s a sort of torment every day that our lives aren’t what we want them to be, but we don’t know how to make a change. In the same way that I, as a fitness trainer, would build out a fitness plan for a client and continue tweaking it and fine-tuning it as time goes on, we can all be doing that for our lives as a whole. Who wouldn’t want a sense of deepened happiness? Well, I am no stranger to experiencing all of the reasons as to why one wouldn’t make those decisions and take those steps, so it does feel almost like a brave thing to do to fight for ones own bliss. 

For me, having been a personal fitness trainer for the last 12 years, I have also been the personal ear to hundreds of clients. Meaning, I hear your frustrations, your sadness, your hopes, your motivations, your desires, your fears, your joys and witness your ardent fervor as you go through this journey called life. There is a common thread. What I have come to understand is that we are all struggling in some way to “keep up.” Time is our most precious commodity. For it takes time to be with loves ones; it takes time to earn an income; it takes time to feed and clean ourselves; it takes time to sleep; it takes time to dream; it takes time to work towards that dream.  

So, why aren’t we all spending more time on the things that make our hearts happy? Because life is not that simple. Oh, how I wish it were. And most of the time we need to juggle in order to make life work. But as long as we don’t give up then there is always the possibility that, one day, life will be arranged in a wonderful symphony. 

Why not now? Why not start making time right now? Because we aren’t linear beings. Every choice me make has repercussions whether good or bad. Everything affects everything. Plus, we can have crazy strong emotions and an extremely complex mind. Choosing to do something different than your norm or “the norm” is both simple and delicately complicated. 

Should you exercise? Yes, that’s a simple one. But, how to carry out the decision is not. Should we make sure this planet is habitable for our future children? Um, that would be a yes. But, again, how do we, individuals, accomplish such a feat. We hear world news to varying degrees and feel saddened by what is happening in our world. We want to not only survive, but to also thrive. On some level, we believe there are answers to all of our troubles and frankly, at least some of our life questions. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So, I urge you to make a different decision, no matter how small or grand it is. Transition your life to become something you feel happy about. I have been there as clients take leaps of confidence in themselves and it is simply magical! The cascade of events that happen once you start making your life your own again is just spectacular. 

So, just think. What would this world look like if every one of us did that? If we broke free from the mental cages we put ourselves in and encountered more happy people, I can guarantee we would all be healthier, we would hurt each other less, and would help each other more. 

Other factors, circumstances, and people in our lives can and do hinder us. We are human. We need to expect a bit of chaos. There are factors beyond our control that affect us. So, if we know this, then we need to work with the canvas we have.  Life is full of challenges and sometimes feels like a minefield, but be the difference you seek today. Keep carrying the torch for all of us just trying to do this thing called life in the best way possible. 

When I come to the gym, I come for a million reasons. I come because I know that I am taking care of myself for today and for my future self. I come because working out allows me to dump out all the chatter in my mind and the stresses I carry. I come because it makes me strong. I come because I enjoy witnessing my body shape up like clay to whatever it is I want.  I come to make sure I am healthy enough to spend quality time with my loved ones and I am around long enough to spend time with them and be there for them. Find your WHY. 

Nothing touches my heart more than when I see others following their own bliss, showing love for one another, and just being real.  A world full of unhappy, frustrated and anxiety-ridden individuals is not a world any of us want to exist in. So, lets work on it. Lets make an effort to heal ourselves and function in a healthy way.  Its not all sunshine and rainbows, so when things do get dim and grim, we just need the tools to deal with it and evolve from it.

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